From the recording Eye on The Sun


Land of Endless Summer

In the land of endless summer
There's always a cool breeze,
where you know your skin can burn
and you know your soul can freeze
Now I dream of Sandy beaches,
surfing waves out in the sea.
But all the cars and the mansions
are all surrounding me
A veil hangs on California,
like my phone with a broken screen
She was here but she left it,
she went and left the scene

For the land of endless summer, Where we all wanna be.
I see seabirds and coral underneath the deep blue sea.
In the land of endless summer, is it truth or fantasy?
I see seabirds and coral underneath the deep blue sea

Oh my dear we are mistaken
We can't solve our pain with greed
We won't need it all tomorrow,
No we won't have no need
My friends told me bout a valley,
in the bottom there’s a cave...
Where they've hidden all the secrets
and the books of yesterday
Like a fool I went with them
although I knew I couldn't say
I didn't want to leave them
And they’re still down there today

RPT Chorus

If you’re feeling out of place / find your inner space
Leave without a trace / put a smile on your face
Where the dragonflies are flying / the horses in the sea
and the moon dog is howling / pinch me if we're dreaming
here and now I want to be.....

Transpose to C


Verse shuffle 6x

End figure