From the recording Eye on The Sun


Thought I was a kind man
Turned out I was cruel
Thought I was a genius
Until I flunked out of school
Thought I could drink whiskey
Until the morning I feel sick
Thought I was doing fine
But now i'm in a fix

I'm just an angel
Devils in my soul
Found a bag of pyrite
Thought that it was gold
Put it in my pocket
But it fell out on the road
Trying to find silver
In a mine that’s full of coal

Thought I could see straight
Now I know Im blind
Swear I spoke the truth
Turned out I'm a liar
Seem my happiest
When other people cry
Feeling as right as rain
But am I really dying?


Freezing in the rain
or cooking in the sun
You say i’m tortured
but i'm just having fun
Always out ‘till last call
Drinking at the bar
You said success is close
Nothing seems so far