1. Nothing Said

From the recording Eye on The Sun


What good is a wish if you won’t toss the coin?
What good is hope if you don’t believe in it?
How you gonna stand if you don’t think you can?
Where will you go if you never take a chance?

Well you know you gotta...
Look for the light within the dark
Morning is coming it’s gonna be alright
Blue skies or grey sunshine or rain
Breathe in the air it’s gonna be okay
If you want to make change make up your mind
You know nothing said won’t be worth a dime

RPT Chorus

Hear your heart’s words open your mind
The truth will come to you in time
Lay down fear and let it go
There are answers you may never know

What good is a gift without sharing it?
What good is passion if you hold it inside?
How will you know if you don’t follow through?
You are the only one who makes it happen now

RPT Chorus