Lost Monarchs Music

2019 Full-length Studio Album

Available this may - Streaming Worldwide!

Eight brand new tracks from the Lost Monarchs crafted to tell a story about a journey into the unknown. The songs feature vocal harmonies and expansive instrumental jams captured in a "live" tracking process in order to showcase the band's improvisational nature.  

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2018 Studio EP

 Divide & Conquer's  Dan Weston says this about the band's 2018 studio effort: 

"They hit upon this vibe that sounds like a mix of The Black Crowes and The Spin Doctors. 
The melodies are catchy and I started to get this feeling I wanted to see the song(s) live. 
It just felt like a good, fun songs that jam out and that you would like to hear on a Saturday night.  
Overall, I think was a solid EP from a talent filled band. I’m interested to hear where they go from here."

Live at Winston's Beach Club 1-10-2019

Live at Aztec 1-19-2019

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