About the Band

The Lost Monarchs are a southern California band that blends the styles of many different influences together to create a unique sonic offering. At a live show, the band truly engages with the audience by taking each performance as a chance to push the boundaries of their music to another level. 

The band is...

Ben Ringgenberg (Vocals/Bass Guitar)
Dallas Wade (Vocals/Guitar)
Eddy Henderson (Vocals/Drums)
Jim Rellas (Vocals/Keyboards) 



‘Eye On The Sun’ is a forthright and exceptional album, with many unique and creative compositions. The opening track, “Nothing Said” is a great opener with and a solid start to this album with great guitar riffs and heartfelt lyrics, that stick with the listener. ” - R.F. Fadley

Jamband Purist

Shake the Booze has a good amount of attitude. There is this Easy Rider vibe on this song. The folk inspired East of the Ocean features impressive vocal harmonies and reverb laced lead guitar while San Andreas is a psychedelic whirlwind with a blaring guitar solo. Dream I Know is super slick. It has that subdued ’70s funk love ” - Jamie Funk

Divide and Conquer

Music Sample